Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Well, you're on page one of our new blog for the shop. Why a blog, when we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website, email and the ability to send smoke signals? Good question. The answer is so that our interested, those that are interested, friends, clients, neighbors, relatives and other loved ones can keep up with what we're doing as a business, read tidbits about food and events.
This page will serve as an introduction to us,  Debbie Lindsey and Philipe LaMancusa, the owner operators of a unique brick and mortar cookbook shop in New Orleans, Louisiana. Hopefully we'll be able to link our other venues (electronically speaking) to this site and visa versa. Bear with us.
In blog posts to come we will introduce ourselves to you, personally, privately and politely.
See you  on the next blog and thanks for tuning in.

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