Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas Tradition a short story

Tradition by Phil LaMancusa
These holidays my tradition is simple; there’s She and me and the critters.
 Three days before Christmas I make a big pot of chicken vegetable soup for dinner; we eat well and I thicken the leftovers with a blond roux and refrigerate them; I’ve also shopped for eggs, waffles, wine, coffee etc. We take a trip to Family Dollar where we’ll spend a whopping ten bucks each for Christmas presents for eachother.
            Christmas day I cook breakfast and roll a pleasant pie crust and bake a big chicken pot pie. The pie bakes, breakfast is served and we haven’t gotten (or will get) out of our pajamas. We will putter about the house, watch “It’s a Beautiful Life” for the two hundredth time and eat pot pie with cranberry sauce.
            Our gifts will be assembled around the floor heater and we’ll wrap and later rip open and giggle lots; staying the children that we never grow tired of being. Even if I leave the house I will not change out of my jammies and slippers; I will wake lazy, stay lazy and go to bed that night having been lazy all day.
            Oh, Did I tell you about having ice cream and cheesecake and sitting on the porch waving at the neighbors?

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